Dr. Stephanie Adey



Dr. Stephanie Adey completed her Doctor of Chiropractic medicine from NUHS in 2001. She began her degree at Western University and completed her Bachelor Degree in Honours Science from York University where she specialized in Human Biomechanics.

Since graduation, Dr. Adey has continued her education with her Acupuncture certification, ART® Full body Active Release Technique training, CCMI™ Complete Concussion Management certification in 2018 and FRC® certification in 2020.

Dr. Adey focuses on finding the causation of an injury and addressing that injury using her knowledge and experience. With experience in the Chiropractic field and training in ART® , FRT® and Core Stabilization Techniques, Dr. Adey creates successful treatment plans for her patients that extend to lifestyle changes and supplementation when warranted, to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Adey has experience treating both amateur and professional athletes. This includes working with with Semi-pro and Pro football players, OHL and OWHA Hockey Teams, members of the Women’s Canadian National Hockey Team, International Synchronized swimmers and Nationally ranked Tennis Players.

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Amanda Lee



Amanda Lee completed her Master of Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University. Prior to that she completed her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Arkansas State University where she played Division I soccer.

Since graduating, she has continued her education with courses in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, Soft tissue release, FRCms and Level 1 manual therapy. Amanda is actively working towards completing additional manual therapy levels and her complete concussion management certification.

Amanda takes an individualized approach to treating her patients. She uses a combination of manual therapy, soft tissue release, exercise prescription, medical acupuncture and education to help clients reach their specific goals.

She has experience treating a variety of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions and enjoys working with athletes, weekend warriors and other sports enthusiasts.

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Michael Silvestri

MSc(c), B.A.Sc


Michael Silvestri is in the midst of completion of his Master of Science degree from The University of Guelph with emphasis in biomechanics and neurophysiology. Prior to this, he completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Kinesiology and Diploma is Fitness and Health Promotion concurrently from The University of Guelph-Humber. 

Working in the fitness and health field, Michael has seen and works with a wide array of clientele ranging from high performing athletes, to general population, and to rehabilitation based clients. Michael’s holistic approach to working with the individual on their desired needs has given his clients success in all avenues of life. 
Most notably, Michael’s clients have gone on to play professional hockey, NCAA for various sports, OHL, TFC Academy, as well as Track and Field at the national stage. The knowledge, expertise, and experience Michael brings to the table will be an asset to any client that he works with, no matter what goals are set out to be accomplished. 


Netanya Amalsad

Administrative Staff

Netanya Amalsad is in the process of completing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Honours Kinesiology with a Rehabilitation Science Specialization at the University of Waterloo. As she continues her educational journey, Netanya aspires to go to Chiropractic School after graduation. Having played soccer and various other sports for many years, Netanya has discovered a passion to help others with non-invasive procedures just as she was aided during her athletic career.

Stefan Milosavljevic

Administrative Staff

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