Etobicoke’s Finest Personal Trainer

Meet Brian Fonseca! When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, having the right personal trainer can make all the difference. There’s one trainer who stands out from the rest here at Etobicoke High Performance Health Clinic – Brian Fonseca. As Etobicoke’s finest personal trainer, Brian is 100% dedicated to helping you meet and exceed […]

The Best Chiropractic Services in Etobicoke! Dr. Stephanie Adey

Meet Dr. Stephanie Adey: Expert in Chiropractic Care & Owner of Etobicoke High Performance Health Clinic Dr. Stephanie Adey is a highly experienced chiropractor in Etobicoke with specialized training in acupuncture, Active Release Therapy (ART), concussion management, and functional range conditioning (FRC). Dr. Adey provides tailored treatment plans for each patient’s unique needs, focusing on […]

The Best Chiropractic Services in Etobicoke! Dr. Krystyna Bellisario

Meet Dr. Krystyna Bellisario: A Chiropractor at Etobicoke High Performance Health Clinic Dr. Krystyna Bellisario is a highly skilled chiropractor at Etobicoke High Performance Health Clinic. With a strong background in chiropractic care and years of experience, Dr. Bellisario is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare to her patients. Dr. Bellisario earned an Honors Bachelor of […]

Best Physiotherapist Services in Etobicoke

Meet Lovepreet Bhatti BSc., M.Sc. Physiotherapy Lovepreet (L.P) Bhatti is an excellent physical therapist with a unique background contributing to his excellence in practice. L.P earned his masters of physical therapy from McMaster University. Before that, he earned a bachelors of science from the faculty of health at York University, where he completed an independent […]

Discover the Best Massage Therapist in Etobicoke

Meet Stefan Milosavljevic: Etobicoke’s Premier Massage Therapist At Etobicoke High Performance Health Clinic, you’ll find Stefan Milosavljevic, an experienced and highly skilled registered massage therapist. Stefan is dedicated to helping clients achieve their health goals. Stefan completed his 3-year program at Humber College achieving a CMTCA Accreditation from one of the two best schools in […]

Patellofemoral Syndrome: Causes and Treatment Explained

The most common cause of knee pain is patellofemoral syndrome (PFS). It’s a condition that affects the joint between your knee cap and thigh bone. The pain can be sudden or gradually over time, making it tricky to diagnose. In this blog post, we will explore what patellofemoral syndrome is, including its causes and symptoms, […]

Shoulder Dislocation: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Understanding Shoulder Dislocation Injuries Shoulder dislocation occurs when the head of the humerus (arm bone) pops out of the shoulder socket. It can be caused by various factors and is often accompanied by noticeable symptoms. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for shoulder dislocation is crucial for managing this condition effectively. Recognizing the Symptoms […]

Elbow Tendonitis: Expert Pain Relief and Treatment Guide

Elbow pain is a common complaint that can significantly impact daily life and activities. Whether it’s sharp, shooting pain or a dull ache, elbow pain can limit our ability to do simple tasks like lifting objects, typing, or even enjoying a game of tennis. In order to effectively treat elbow pain, it’s important to understand […]

Top Choice Wellness Centre of 2024 Nominee: Etobicoke High Performance Health Clinic

The Top Choice Awards is an annual survey that recognizes and honors the best businesses in various categories across Canada. And this year, Etobicoke High Performance Health Clinic has been nominated for the Top Choice Wellness Centre of 2024 in Etobicoke! Etobicoke High Performance showcases top-tier services such as chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy, personal training, massage, […]

Summus Laser at Etobicoke High Performance Clinic: Advanced Healing Technology

If you’re seeking a non-invasive solution to your acute conditions, chronic pain, injury, or inflammation issues, Summus Laser Therapy may be just what you need. This advanced healing technology has been used for years to promote faster recovery in professional athletes, but its benefits extend far beyond the world of sports. In this blog, we’ll […]