What is Active Release Technique®? (ART)

What is ART®?

Active Release Technique® Technique is a patented soft tissue technique used to treat problems with ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, muscles and nerves. Many musculoskeletal conditions can benefit from ART. Most of these conditions are the result of overused muscles. Overused muscles can cause muscle spasm, scar tissue and the eventual loss of function in a region of the body. 

How Does This Technique Differ from Others?

Active Release Technique® requires the patient to actively move the affected muscle or ligament while the practitioner presses or maintains contact on the injured area. This allows the practitioner to feel the movement of the structure under their contact to effectively treat the restricted muscles, tendons or ligaments. 

Who Can Benefit from ART®?

There are more than 500 specific moves that make up the treatment protocols used in ART. Based on the results, practitioners are able to tailor a treatment to the specific and unique need of each patient. 

People who may benefit from ART include:

Members of the athletic community (recreational/professional), chronic pain patients, and ANYONE who has not been able to find relief through other conventional therapies. 

For More Information

EHP Clinic’s team has practitioners certified in ART ready to help you!Call our clinic for more information on how ART might be able to help you or book your first session now below!

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