Do You Need Orthotics?

Have You Been Suffering From Any Foot, Knee, Hip or Lower Back Pain?

EHP Clinic offers POL Custom Orthotics to prevent and alleviate your chronic pain!

Did you know that a person walks 65,000 miles in their lifetime? That’s equivalent to walking around the earth THREE times! Having flat feet, high arches, bunions, pinched nerves, plantar fasciitis or other previous injuries can cause major discomfort or pain in your feet, hips, knees or lower back. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in these areas, it is safe to say that you would benefit from Custom Orthotics.
With all the walking we do in our lifetime, it is important to make sure we tend or our chronic pain so we can live our lives pain-free. Unlike the store-bought insoles and orthotics, Custom Orthotics are uniquely molded to benefit the individual and can take you to a level of comfort and performance you didn’t know was possible!
Here at EHP Clinic, our expert Physiotherapists use a gait scan to provide an accurate and repeatable measurement of how your foot functions when you walk (not just when you are sitting or standing). This scan makes foot problems easier to diagnose and treat with Custom Orthotics.
Custom Orthotics can prevent flat feet from flattening out, support high arches and other problem areas all while alleviating some of that lower body pain.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Customs Orthotics are made to the exact measurements of the scan taken of your feet. Custom orthotics hold your feet in the same position taken from the scan and prevent your feet from pronating. Using Custom Orthotics regularly helps to keep everything properly aligned. This will help in eliminating the stress on your body, and in time, can decrease inflammation and decrease or eliminate pain.
Orthotics are one of the easiest and cheapest preventive measures for correcting foot problems. They can help reduce shin splints, knee problems, backaches and unhealthy pressure on joints and ligaments. Even if you are not currently experiencing any chronic pain, orthotics can be worn in your shoes to increase your comfort level while walking, running or playing sports.
Let EHP Health be your guide in finding the best solutions personalized to your needs. Just a little foot therapy is all you may need to start feeling like your best!

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