How To Stay Healthy and In Shape During the Winter Season

3 out of 5 Canadians live their life everyday with one or more preventable chronic diseases, and 4 out of 5 are at risk. Most of these chronic diseases are favourably influenced by regular physical activity, so keep active all year ‘round!

Try a Fun Outdoor Activity!

It is difficult to have the motivation of exercising and being active indoors during the colder seasons. A fun way of embracing the cold season is getting out there to enjoy the snow through activities such as skating, skiing, or even just shovelling a driveway! Just remember to always wear layers and hydrate!

Partake in Group Exercise

Planning on meeting up with a friend for coffee? Why not make it an exercise session instead. Group exercise has proven to be a very effective motivating factor for fitness. Exercising with a friend or family member adds the social aspect and can be far more fun than flying solo especially during the winter. What are you waiting for? Grab your friend and sign up for that yoga class you have been dying to try.

Start Small

If you’ve got a busy schedule and fitting in an exercise session in the gym can be a bit difficult, do not worry as there are many other simple ways to get active during the cold seasons! Start with choosing the stairs, going for short walks, and even fitting in small workouts at home when possible. It is important to take even the smallest of opportunities to be more active. Even five or ten minutes of movement a day can help with weight loss, doing little walks, stretching, or even breath control can improve your mood, and increase your heart health.

Optimize Your Indoor Time

If outdoor winter activities are not for you, there are many way to stay active in your own home! You can try to find a workout space at home and invest in some inexpensive equipment such as resistance bands, yoga mats and stability balls. It is also beneficial to access social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to join in on free at home workouts and connect with a fitness community of course with precautions.


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