How To Improve Your Posture With an Office Job

On Average, full-time working Canadians spend 68.9% of their day sedentary (seated; inactive)! Not only does this impact the health of these citizens, but many people struggle with bad posture due to slouching over a computer all day! Here are some ways you are able to fix your posture:

1. Sit in chairs with back support

Keeping your back and shoulders pressed against the back of the chair will prevent you from slouching! This way your shoulders are not falling forwards and causing your back to unnaturally curve. Many people find it difficult to keep their shoulders open, however a chair with no back support makes it even tougher. 

2. Keeping your Computer at Eye Level and your Feet Flat on the Floor

By keeping your computer at eye level, you do not have to tilt your head down or outwards. Looking down towards your computer can cause strain on your neck and misaligns your spine. Habits such as crossing your knees or ankles can also cause misalignment in your hips. This could even cause your hamstrings to tighten and irritate your sciatic nerve. It is nearly impossible to maintain a straight spine without your feet flat on the floor.

3. Give Yourself Movement Breaks

Throughout the work day, taking quick breaks to stand-up or walk around for a few minutes can drastically help your productivity and your health! Slouching occurs more the longer you are sitting, so breaking up the amount of time you spend sitting can help prevent slouching or decrease the frequency. Even just standing up for 30 seconds, or taking a walk to go to the bathroom is great for your posture. 

4. Try a Standing Desk

If you are able, standing desks are great alternatives for regular desks as they give you the option to sit or stand! This can also keep your workstation at eye level and prevent neck strain. This can help with not slouching over your laptop, especially if your workstation aligns with your arms being at a 90 degree angle.



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