Concussion Treatment and Management: Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)

Etobicoke High Performance Health Clinic is a CCMI certified clinic offering concussion treatment and management grounded in scientific research in accordance with the Complete Concussion Management Incorporation.

Concussion services offered at EHP Health Clinic include baseline testing, concussion treatment, and Return to Play/Work/Learn. Complete Concussion Management is shown to accelerate recovery by alleviating persistent concussion symptoms/post-concussion syndrome. 

Concussion treatment and management at EHP includes:

  • Education on concussions, recovery, and rehabilitation 
  • Improving cognitive abilities and regulation (e.g., memory, stress, anxiety, coping skills) 
  • Altering and improving diet to attenuate the inflammation response, enhance hormone regulation, improve gut health, and improve sleep
  • Breathing exercises to restore autonomic nervous system (ANS) dysfunction that occurs following a concussion 
  • A graded aerobic exercise program to improve brain blood flow which accelerates the recovery process  
  • Manual neck therapy is pertinent to treating post concussion syndrome as studies show whiplash and concussions often occur simultaneously. However, whiplash symptoms last longer than concussion symptoms, and therefore, manual neck therapy is incorporated to enhance symptom relief and accelerate the recovery process
  • Rehabilitation of the neck, vision therapy, and vestibular therapy that are performed simultaneously as studies demonstrate that these modalities performed in conjunction will reap superior outcomes and concussion symptom relief.

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